Hair Salon Vacuum Makes Styling Easier and Cleaner

June 5th, 2011

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Importance of Hair Salon Vacuum!

Hair salon vacuum is used to clean hair and dirt from the salon’s floor. With the use of a hair salon vacuum, you can easily maintain a spick and span salon without bothering to use a broom and a dust pan after each hair cut. Eye vacuum is one such company, which makes hair salon vacuums. Hair salon vacuum is fitted in such a manner that ducts are located under each station. With a simple tap of your shoe, you can signal your vacuum ducts to suck hair, dirt and debris. The dirt is then transferred via pipes into its waste basket, which in turn is made from an ABS raisin. This helps you understand when the waste paper basket is to be emptied.

Hair salon vacuum is durable and its motor is made in such a manner that it can handle salon dirt with ease. Besides, it is a silent operator and is known to emit fifteen percent less noise as compared to its competitors. Besides filtering the noise, this vacuum cleaner is rust proof and hence, the body never really corrodes or rusts. The storage capacity is ample and it is hygienic and easy to use.

The energy consumption is fairly less when compared to other salon vacuum cleaners and it has been developed keeping the green revolution in mind. The Eye vacuum cleaner is designed in such a manner that it can be used both at home as well as for commercial usage. It uses a superior technology which helps curb foul odor and kills harmful germs. The motor is clog proof, the quality of pipes is superior and even when the bag is almost full, the suction never really stalls midway. Therefore, handling an Eye hair salon vacuum cleaner is easy and convenient.

Eye Vac does not really require additional filters or cleansing bags. Here, all you require is to gently sweep hair towards the vacuum cleanser and its active infra red technology would quickly suck the hair, leaving your floor clean and tidy. In case you have pets and are allergic to their hair, you can simply sweep your beloved pet’s hair close to the Eye Vac and within seconds they would be sucked in. Eye Vac is a stationary device that can be positioned in any corner of your salon.

Once positioned, its highly advanced infra red rays would suck all hair in a matter of seconds. This would not only leave your floor neat and tidy you shall never really have to bother about bending your back in a bid to keep your floor free from unwanted hair. While you may be required to broom hair close to the vacuum cleanser, you would not have to bend low and pick each hair particle to ensure that your salon floor is clean and tidy. Eye Vac is made in such a manner that the moment it detects the presence of hair and other debris, it automatically sucks them within its disposable bag. This makes life convenient for a salon owner as well as the salon workers.

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